Video Walls & Indoor LED Walls

A videowall or an LED Wall is more than just a huge display screen, with the screen being one small part of the massively complex whole technology, which is not really very easy to understand. Ten years ago, video walls were accessible to just a small segment of the market. Stadiums, malls and casinos seemed like the only places you would find a glowing wall of digital signage. And in today’s day and age, the disruptive technology is hugely in demand as that market continues to expand, with such types of installations being used in almost every industry. Because who would not want a videowall to attract customers. If you have any enquiry, do not hesitate to tap the CONTACT US button, because TRANSCON SOLUTION has and will provide end-to-end solutions for Videowalls and Indoor LED Walls while extending full support to our customers that would include the display at the front-end and the controllers at the back-end along with the installation of the solution